Basin and Range

Gerelateerde afbeelding

When the ocean came back, came up again, it spread inland over the salt, which was not so much dissolved as buried, under layers of sediment washing in from the continent. With the weight of more and more sediment, the layers of salt went deep. Salt has a low specific gravity and is very plastic. Pile eight thousand feet of sediment on it and it starts to move. Slowly, blobularly, it collects itself and moves. It shoves apart layers of rock. It mounds upon itself, and, breaking its way upward, rises in mushroom shape-a salt dome. Still rising into more shales and sandstones, it bends them into graceful arches and then bursts through them like a bullet shooting upward through a splintering floor. A plastic body moving like this is known as a diapir. The shape becomes a reverse teardrop. Generally, after the breakthrough, there will be some big layers of sandstone leaning on the
salt dome like boards leaning up against a wall. The sandstone is permeable and probably has a layer of shale above it, which is not permeable. Any fluid in the sandstone will not only be trapped under the shale zakelijke energie but will also be trapped by the impermeable salt. Enter the’ strange companionship of oil and salt. Oil also moves after it forms. You never find it where God put it. It moves great distances through permeable rock. Unless something traps it, it will move on upward until it reaches daylight and turns into tar.I You don’t run a limousine on tar, let alone a military-industrial complex. If, however, the oil moves upward through inclined sandstone1 and then hits a wall of salt, it stops, and stays-trapped. Run a little drill down the side of a salt dome and when you hit “sand” it may be full of oil. In the Gulf of Mexico were many of the bays that dried up covered with salt. Where the domes are now, there are towers in the Gulf. A number of salt domes are embedded in the Missirsippi Delta, and have been mined. There are rooms inside them with ceilings a hundred feet zakelijke energie vergelijken high-room after room after room, like convention halls, with walls, floors, and ceilings of salt, above ninety-nine per centre. I Deffeyes was saying, “It’s likely that in under this salt flat are mountain structures just as complicated as any of the ranges. They’re just buried.”